To provide safe, permanent, affordable housing and security from displacement for low- to moderate- income residents

To build strong and stable communities through the empowerment of its residents by offering access to educational opportunities, asset development,   leadership training and healthcare




  "Genuine leaders have the ability to articulate, initiate and follow through on their vision"
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

     For Visions of Hope, Inc. - a Community Housing Development Organization founded in 1998, community revitalization is a process of transforming declining low-income neighborhoods into healthy ones for its residents.  A healthy community is one in which residents are involved in decisions affecting community life, investment in homes, education, child welfare and social services.   Impediments to community life - such as drug dealing, gangs and crime - are actively battled and replaced with ambition and vibrancy.  Wholesome communities where residents have hope and participate in community life - this is what our organization strives to create and enhance.

     As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the aim is to develop and manage existing and new housing in the community interest.  Concentrating on a comprehensive approach to neighborhood renewal and centering on the  provision of safe, decent and affordable housing, we realize that access to educational opportunities are critical if residents are to overcome barriers to ownership and resourceful living.  To fuel this process, we teach them to save money for housing goals,  aid in workforce development, and assist them in securing practical housing accomodations.

     Vision and partnerships create tools for positive change that lasts.  The catalyst for change may derive from many sources, but the key to success lies in the hands of the residents who want and envision change...and work for change in order to experience growth in economic bases.  By stimulating reinvestment in our communities, this power source can lead to a renewal of opportunities, realization of dreams, and empowerment in lower income areas.

     Our organization translates the community's vision into goals.  Through the partnership of government leaders, private sector representatives, other not-for-profit organizations and residents, we all can take pride in watching neighborhoods flourish. Visions of Hope was meant to endure.  As long as needs exist, our organization will be there to respond.  We are committed to being ongoing producers of affordable housing- as well as education and healthcare advocates, to meet the current and future needs of those we serve.

 Trials and Triumphs...MOVING THE VISION FORWARD
                    A Word from the Director
For each tragedy,  hidden are a thousand joys.  For each setback, there are numerous ways to make a positive move forward. Yes, the Gulf Coast has experienced its share of tragedies over the past several years.  Despite that fact, no matter what happens, there is always more opportunity today than there was yesterday.  Even in the darkest of times, hope still shines as a beacon to identify obstacles that stand in the way of success.   Life can seem unfair at times, but we must remember that it is also filled with abundant, endless possibilities. 

     What lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us.  The real key to success and fulfillment can be only be found in the kind and valuable qualities woven within us.   We should use them to make a positive change within the lives of others.  Kindness has the power to dissolve pain and speed healing.   Can you remember, when as a child, the pain of a scrape or burn seemed to somehow dissappear when showered with a little kindness and compassion?  Kindness still has the power to make spirits soar to infinite heights.  It is a small investment that pays huge dividends – it is the gift that keeps on giving.   

ach of us have unique and valuable gifts to offer the world.   Each should make a powerful contribution through thoughts, words and a commitment to make a positive difference.  If we live each day with positive purpose,  we then can savor the richness we create. With abiding purpose, our lives will move forward toward our highest vision. 

     We must continue to face our challenges and work together... hand in hand...shoulder to shoulder, to push and create positive change within our communities.  Yes, despite it all, we are making a difference...one family at a time.  Where there is VISION, you will always find HOPE.

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