To provide safe, permanent, affordable housing and security from displacement for low- to moderate- income residents

To build strong and stable communities through the empowerment of its residents by offering access to educational opportunities, asset development,   leadership training and healthcare



Services/Upcoming Events


We offer several Housing Education Classes throughout the year. 
Classes are one night per week for four weeks. 
Must attend all sessions to receive certificate. 

Call to register (228-435-9200)


Registration for GED classes - Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at 12:30. 
Please allow approximately two hours for placement testing.

Give us a call (228-435-9200)

Visions Community Benefit Fish Fry is Saturday, August 15, 2015, from 11 am to 3 pm at 618 Division Street in Biloxi. Benefit Tickets are $10 for the Fish Fry. Also, we are raffling a Sony Playstation 4, tickets are $10 each. To obtain your tickets, please call or text 228-297-7711 or 228-297-7721 or you may email creationslimited@yahoo.com
Visions of Hope offers the following services:


• Pre-Purchase HOUSING EDUCATION  (HUD-approved)
Housing education components include: Financial education and credit counseling/assessment to enhance opportunities for mortgage approval; overview of real estate, loan processes and qualifications for down payment assistance/mortgage programs for first-time buyers. Also included are overall roles and responsibilities of homeownership; advantages of home-ownership, and what to do when you can't pay your mortgage

GED/ABE Classes
Individuals 17 years of age and older may enroll.  Students receive academic remedial instruction, resume writing and basic interview skills training

FINANCIAL LITERACY                        (for adults and  youth groups)                       Aids budget development; establishes saving discipline; provides tools to avoid predatory practices and excessive credit

 To encourage youth to use their creativity and talent to create change; to identify potential high school  leaders along the coast; encourage youth civic involvement; promote collaboration and teamwork among diverse groups; increase self-esteem through better understanding/awareness of self



• HOUSING COUNSELING                     (HUD-approved)
Credit counseling to promote the ultimate goal of asset building and financial stabilization; foreclosure prevention/loss mitigation services to deter foreclosure and promote homeowner retention

DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE         (for 1st-time homebuyers)
Visions of Hope, Inc. serves as administrator and housing counseling agency for numerous down payment programs. 
Among them are: City of Biloxi, Gulf Coast Renaissance REACH and My Home My Coast Programs, Biloxi Housing Authority, MS Region VIII Housing Authority and others

RENT/MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE    Funding is extremely limited; assistance is contingent upon funding availability

Individuals with incomes $50,000 or less may qualify.  The volunteer program ensures that families receive and retain all monies to which they are entitled.  Volunteers are certified annually by the IRS


One person's trash can prove to be another's treasure.                                Structurally sound and/or foreclosed homes donated to the organization are renovated  and returned to the tax rolls as homes for first-time buyers.                         
All donations are tax-deductible.

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